Understand how to work with vision bridge and modules. Starting with simple interaction, to configuration, to changing the object detector model.


Configuration of the vision bride and modules

The configuration files are located in the vision_bridge package under the config directory.


All modules




Activating, deactivating and configuring modules at runtime

All of these tasks are done through the /vision/cmds service. A list of commands can be provided to perform multiple requests at once. Configuration and parameters can be updated at the same time. To get a list of configuration and parameters that can be changed at runtime, use the /vision/get_config and /vision/get_params services.

Example: Activate 2 modules with config and params

rosservice call /vision/cmds '[["activate", "face_detector", ["fps": 6], ["skip_ratio", 3]], ["activate", "object_detector", ["fps": 6], []]]'

Example: Deactivate 2 modules

rosservice call /vision/cmds '[["deactivate", "face_detector", [], []], ["deactivate", "object_detector", [], []]]'

Example: Deactivate all running modules

rosservice call /vision/cmds '[["clean", "", [], []], ["deactivate", "object_detector", [], []]]'

Changing the object detector model

This is a more complicated but could, for example be used to add a new class to the object detector.