Mayrobo-tools is a set of scripts which make running things on the Kuri robot a bit easier. Each of these scripts are installed into the system paths and available for use.


The script installs a gizmo tarball file.


usage: sudo installgbz [-i] partition gbz
	 -i    ignore compatibility check
	example: ./installgbz / gizmo-develop-0a5ff40_amd64.tar.gz
	partition can be '/', in which case the GBZ is installed on
	the running host.


$ sudo installgbz -i / gizmo-develop-1f55900_amd64.tar.gz
extracting GBZ
skipping compatibility check
updating link
Cleaning up on exit
GBZ installed.


The script installs a depth sensor tarball file. It is identical to the installgbz script but works on mgz files rather than gbz.


Must run with sudo

usage: sudo installmgz partition mgz

example: sudo installmgz / magellan-b3ca6a.tar.gz

partition can be '/', in which case the MGZ is installed on
the running host.


$ sudo installmgz / magellan-d30f2d3.tar.gz
Extracting MGZ
Swapping magellan
Cleaning up on exit
MGZ installed.


An informational script which tells the user about the versions of software and hardware running on the robot. For diagnosing problems, it is a good place to tell others who may be helping debug what is running on the robot.

Example output

Current Hardware Config:
	HW: dvt
	XMOS: 20180509
	UUID: ed56d923-ca2d-4ec9-b7e3-4ba6782130b1
	Serial Number: KR118160000339
	Production hostname: kuri-0000339
Current Software Config:
	Image: robot-qa rc-1.0.89 cf7a6960797df388bb8b2649db2268b9fe0d13d7
	GBZ: rc-1.0.89 8a948e04faf229dd0814a1aa96e787391ec6f6b1
	Compatible Images: ['dd3cb67a', 'cf7a6960']
	MGZ: 11
	OTA: 22

HW: The specific hardware revision of this robot

XMOS: audio firmware version

UUID: robot’s unique ID

Production Hostname: hostname of the robot

Image: the base image of the robot. first is the environment, second is the release tag, third is the git hash of the commit used to generate the image

GBZ: the gizmo brain of the robot. first is the release tag, second is the git hash

Compatible Images: compatibility list between image and gbz

MGZ: version number of the depth sensor software

OTA: configuration ID for the OTA update