The goal of this guide is to help you setup your Kuri so that you can use ROS tools such as rviz from a development machine on the same network to connect to Kuri.


Open the firewall

Notice: this will allow anyone on the same network to control your robot through ROS. This includes controlling the motors, reading the sensors and most other functions of your robot.

  1. follow the steps in the Connecting to Kuri guide to connect to your robot through SSH
  2. open the firewall:
    sudo iptables -F

After running this last command, the firewall will remain open until Kuri is rebooted.

Work with mDNS and ROS

ROS expects Kuri to be addressable by its hostname.

On macOS and linux, this can be controlled by editing the /etc/hosts file. Below, <<number>> is the number that follows kuri- in your robot’s hostname.

  1. Get the IP address of your robot
    ping kuri-<<number>>.local
  2. Add this to the bottom of your /etc/hosts file:
    XXX.YYY.ZZZ.WWW   kuri-<<number>>
  3. Set your own ROS hostname
    export ROS_HOSTNAME=`hostname`.local
  4. Test it out
    rostopic list

Note: the IP address may change, depending on your router settings. If this happens, you may have to edit your /etc/hosts file again.