Goal: Accessing and Replacing the MicroSD Card

You can increase Kuri’s local storage for moments with a few handy skills, a new MicroSD card, and a Phillips 0 screwdriver!

The factory-installed MicroSD card which Kuri uses to store moments can hold about 16GB. Follow the steps below to replace the existing card with a card that has more storage.

A few precautions:

  1. Kuri is not meant to be taken apart. You’ll need to remove some pieces on the underside of the robot to access the MicroSD card, so please make sure to not access or remove the MicroSD card unnecessarily often. If you access it once or twice, it should be fine!
  2. We have tested Sandisk MicroSD cards up to 256GB storage. We recommend using Sandisk Micro SD cards for maximum compatibility, but other cards should work well too.

Steps to access and replace Kuri’s SD Card:

  1. Make sure Kuri is on, then turn her off by holding down the power button on the back for 5 seconds until you hear Kuri going to sleep. Release the power button. The power button light will pulse. When it stops pulsing, the robot is off. This way you have the most recent backup of the robot and don’t lose any data that is still on the existing MicroSD card. Press the power button again to turn Kuri back on.
  2. Once Kuri is back on, turn her off completely by flipping her over and flipping the battery switch on her bottom plate.
  3. Make sure you have a Phillips 0 screwdriver handy. Keep Kuri on the side – either on a pillow, padding or your lap – and remove the 8 screws that you can find on her bottom plate. We recommend putting the screws in a safe spot as they are tiny and can easily get lost.
  4. Once you’ve removed the bottom plate, you will find two rubber bands that keep the battery in place. Take these rubber bands off and pull the battery away, but don’t let the battery drop onto the floor and don’t disconnect it.
  5. Now you should be able to see the MicroSD card slot with a picture on its right that shows the orientation for inserting the card. Push down on the card and release it to have it pop out, and remove it.
  6. Once the old card is removed, put the new MicroSD card into the slot according to the orientation shown.
  7. Place the battery back and add the rubber bands to keep the battery in place. You need to make sure that they latch, so we recommend using the screwdriver to push the rubber bands behind the latches.
  8. Once the rubber bands are back on to keep the battery in place, screw the bottom plate back on.
  9. Flip the battery switch back on and restart your robot.
  10. Wait for the starting chime and your Kuri should be ready to go!

Please note, your Kuri may need more time to power back up depending on the size of your new MicroSD card.