Gizmo is not a ROS node. It is the top level executable that starts the ROS master as well as all of the other nodes that control Kuri.

Gizmo dynamically creates the launch configuration using a proprietary ROS launch wrapper called pylaunch. Some nodes configurations can be edited because they have their own include file, but some node configurations cannot be changed because their configuration is hard-coded in python.

For example, the ROS beat detection is launched via rosbeat.launch in the ros_beat package

def ros_beat_launch():
    return pl.Include('ros_beat', 'rosbeat.launch')

This allows rosbeat to be configured by editing the launch file.

Other nodes are hard-coded. For example, oort (lifelong mapping) does not have a launch file and has a hard-coded launch_prefix:

    c = []
    c.append(pl.Node('oort', 'oort_ros', 'oort_ros_mapping',
                     launch_prefix="nice -n 10",
                     remaps=[('scan', map_topic)],