This package contains the tool used for flashing and verification of the firmware on the XMOS (audio) device.


sudo /opt/gizmo/env.sh $(catkin_find xmos_linux_tools xmos_updater) [--skip-check] [path]


Instructs the firmware flasher to force update the firmware and disregard the version specified as the latest version


Path to the XMOS firmware binary to install. This defaults to /opt/gizmo/share/xmos_linux_tools/mayfield.bin, the latest official release of the XMOS firmware by Mayfield.

NOTE: On upstart, Kuri checks that the XMOS firmware is the latest available, and installs the latest version if it is not currently installed. If you flash a new version of firmware to the XMOS device, it may be overwritten on the next boot. To prevent this, update the version string in update_check of /opt/gizmo/lib/xmos_linux_tools/xmos_updater, or disable the xmos_updater script in the xmos-fw upstart job