Documentation for Kuri the adorable home robot.

Congratulations on being a new Kuri owner!

Kuri represents a 3+ year engineering effort- and labor of love- by the team of dedicated roboticists at Mayfield Robotics. Although the difficult decision was made to shut down the company, the team at Mayfield wanted Kuri’s legacy to live on in the form of a useful and fun educational tool for anyone interested in robotics.

This website exists as a repository for all engineering documentation related to Kuri’s software and hardware. Mayfield Robotics designed Kuri as an adorable home robot who would autonomously wander your home and automatically capture video clips of life’s most precious moments. But by “opening up” Kuri’s software and allowing users to Secure Shell (SSH) into the robot, Mayfield has given owners the ability to view her ROS (Robot Operating System) interfaces, change parameters, add new modules, and change which modules are running. Kuri is equipped with robust computing power and a state-of-the-art sensor suite, providing you with the perfect robotics platform to experiment with and learn from.

This repository was created by Mayfield Robotics but belongs to the entire robotics community, so please feel free to contribute your findings and keep Kuri’s legacy alive for the next generation of roboticists.

-The Mayfield Robotics Team

Getting Started

Before doing any development work on your Kuri, you’ll first need to download Kuri’s companion app for your mobile device and “onboard” (i.e. setup) your robot; the Kuri companion app will walk you through the onboarding process, and instructions are also available in this repository under the “Getting Started” section.

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After onboarding your Kuri, check out the Getting Started section of this repository for information on how to get up and running with Kuri developer/console access. Kuri documentation is divided into 2 main sections, with relevant directories under each section


Information regarding APIs and parameters


Information regarding different use cases and how to accomplish them using the APIs